Lillian DesMarias Youth Library Toniebox Lending Policy

What is a Toniebox? A new audio system designed for little listeners.
Turn it on, pop a Tonie on top, and let the adventure begin!
Tonies are designed by parents as a child’s first device that provides screen-free entertainment that sparks the imagination. It is small and light so you can take it anywhere, and it provides an offline experience that is safe for kids without ads, microphones, or cameras.

1. All Toniebox kits must be checked out from and returned to the Lillian DesMarias Youth Library.
2. Adult supervision is required for children using the Toniebox. The Toniebox is recommended for children aged 3 and above. 3. All Toniebox kits may be borrowed for 3 weeks by an ADULT cardholder.
4. Only one kit may be checked out on an account at one time.
5. Kits are NOT to be returned in the bookdrop.
6. Kits are checked out as a full set, not individual items.
7. The kit in its Entirety must be returned before it will be checked in.
8. The account holder is responsible for all items included in the kit. The account holder will be responsible for replacement costs should any items be returned damaged or missing.
9. For in-house use, must see a staff member. The parent must be using the kit with the child. The kit must be returned to a staff member when finished.    

Upon return of a Tonie Box library staff will:

  1. Check for any missing items
  2. Let the patron know of any missing items
  3. Let the patron know of the replacement cost of any missing items.