What is a STEM Kit? STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) kits are books and toys that help children learn basic fundamentals of any of these subjects. Most STEM Kits will focus on one or two of these subjects, but may include others as well. STEM kits for kids are a hands-on learning experience that feels much like play. We encourage parents to use the kits with their child. You will get the most out of each kit by asking thoughtful questions, working together, and discovering answers creatively and by applying what you learn. This project is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by the Missouri State Library, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State

  1.  All STEM Kits must be checked out from and returned to staff at the Lillian DesMarias Youth Library.
  2. Adult supervision is required for children using the kits. For each kit’s age recommendation please refer to the title page.
  3. Kits may be borrowed for 3 weeks by an ADULT card holder.
  4. Only one kit may be checked out on an account at one time.
  5. Kits are NOT to be returned in the bookdrop.
  6. Kits are checked out as a full set, not individual books or items.
  7. All materials need to be returned with the set before it will be checked in.
  8. The account holder is responsible for all items included in the kit. You will be responsible for replacement costs should any item be returned damaged or missing.
  9. For in-house use, must see staff member. Parent must be using kit with child. Must turn in to staff member when finished.   

Kits Available:

All About Magnets Kit—PreK-3rd grade

Building and Design Kit—4th grade & up

Castles and Dragons Kit—PreK-3rd grade

Construction and Building Kit—PreK-3rd grade

Electronics, Coding & Bots Kit—4th grade & up

Emotions and Empathy Kit—PreK-3rd grade

Engineering Gears and Mazes Kit—K-3rd grade

Everyday Science Kit—4th grade & up

Examine Science and Nature Kit—4th grade & up

Flowers and Unicorns Kit—PreK-3rd grade

Lace, Stack, and Sort Kit—PreK-3rd grade

Let’s Explore Space Kit—4th grade & up

Pete the Cat Loves Preschool Kit—PreK-3rd grade

Rocks and Fossils Kit—4th grade & up

The Shape of Things Kit—PreK-3rd grade

Trucks and Tools Kit—PreK-3rd grade