Children’s Outreach Services

The Lillian DesMarias Youth Library is noted for our children’s outreach services.  The library provides outreach in several different ways to children, age preschool to fourth grade. We offer daycares and school visits featuring our library staff as a way to connect with our community’s youth.  During these weekly visits, we read aloud stories along with songs or crafts for the children to enjoy.  Our library partners with daycares, such as Grins and Giggles, Lance’s Littles, Little Hornets, and We Will Rock You. 

Library staff visits area public schools such as Livingston R-3 at Chula and Head Start.  A special highlight is the library’s Partner in Education (PIE) Classroom with the Chillicothe Elementary School.  Library staff read weekly to first graders in Mrs. Lewis’ class and provide a monthly craft during the school sessions. The library staff rotate visits to encourage the connection between staff members and the students when they visit the library. The 1st grade graduating party held at the end of the school year features fun crafts, stories and the field trip to the library! 

We also provide outreach services to private or parochial schools such as Bishop Hogan, Cornerstone, and United Methodist Preschool.  Some of our visits are weekly and some are once a month depending on the focus for group’s literary needs.

We love visiting the students in our county through our outreach services.  If you are interested to learn more or to schedule an outreach visit for your group, please contact the Lillian DesMarias Youth Library at 660-646-0563, ask for Jenny or email her