Scan, Fax or Email

The Main Library offers the service of scanning, faxing and email to our patrons. There are several ways to accomplish these tasks.

First a patron could walk into the Main Library and use the scanner/fax machine and pay as needed for this service through the library’s TBS system.

OR a patron could scan and email their own email account at no charge.

OR a patron could use this email address of patron@livingstoncountylibrary,org to send attachments or documents that need printing from their home computer or mobile device. The standard fees for printing are 15¢ a copy, per side, for black and white prints and 50¢ a copy, per side, for color prints. 

We like options and we will assist you with your needs! The caveat is the Lillian DesMarias Youth Library does not offer these services, only the Main Library could assist you with these tasks.