Study Rooms

Intended Purpose:
The Youth Library study rooms are designated to support county students and youth in their academic work.  Study rooms are not available for purely social purposes or for the benefit of self-promotion of individual or commercial concerns, including for-profit tutors.

Study rooms are available and are intended to provide space for individuals and small groups to quietly study. Study rooms are free of charge.

All rooms have electrical outlets, whiteboards and display screens with computer adapters. Dry erase markers are available at the checkout desk.

1.      The study rooms are intended for the purposes of quiet study and discussion.

2.      Individuals wishing to utilize the study room should visit the circulation desk to sign in.  Study rooms are available for use during Library open hours only.  Rooms must be vacated at library closing or at the end of the scheduled session.  Study room users are asked to notify library staff when the session is finished.  The room will be inspected for condition.

3.      Individuals/groups more than 15 minutes late for their reserved time may lose their reservation.

4.      The person reserving the room shall remain present in the rooms at all times during use of the room, and any minors 11 years of age (or younger than 6th grade) using the study room must be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times.  If the person making the reservation needs to leave the room, it is expected that they will return in no more than ten minutes. 

5.      A reserved study room that is left unoccupied may be considered abandoned and made available to others as needed.  (Personal belonging left in the unattended study room will be gathered by staff and held in the Lost and Found.)

6.      Same-day reservations and walk-ins are welcome, provided the rooms are available and all other qualifications are met.

7.      The Library cannot ensure privacy in the study rooms.  Use of the study rooms for activities that require privacy is discouraged.  Please be aware that rooms are not soundproof and sound will carry.  Users of each study room are asked to be respectful of other patrons in the neighboring study room.

8.      Devices may be used in the study rooms, provided the volume controls on such devices are adjusted so as not to disturb others. 

9.      Study room doors shall remain unlocked during use.  Doors and windows may not be blocked or covered at any time.  Personal belongings should not be left unattended.  The library is not responsible for items lost, damaged, or stolen.  

10.  The room may not exceed four patrons at a time and extra furniture may not be brought into the room.
 11.  Food is allowed, provided it is contained, surfaces protected, and trash disposed of properly.  Beverages must be in covered containers.  If a large amount of food trash is thrown away, please contact the Library staff so it can be addressed for sanitary reasons. 

12.  Failure to comply with Library policies, rules, and regulations will be grounds for suspension of study room privileges for up to six months. 

13.  The person signing up for the room will be held responsible for excessive damage or destruction, beyond normal wear and tear, to the study room.  This may also result in permanent loss of study room privileges.