During January and February of every year, the Library takes a hiatus of offering in person programming because of northern Missouri’s inclement weather. The Library Staff errs on the side of caution and we want our patrons to be safe and healthy during the winter season. Instead, we offer virtual programs to increase your knowledge, skills or just for entertainment purposes because we know our patrons like to have FUN!

Travel to Warm Places.  From Jan. 10th-22nd, send us a travel picture with a brief description of the place you visited and your name and we will post it to our Facebook page. (Please send an email to  From Jan. 24th-29th everyone can vote on the place we would like to travel to the most based on these posts. We will announce a winner on Jan. 31st. There will be a small prize for whomever posts the winning entry.

Valentine’s Day.  Love Your Library! Take a selfie at the Library on Feb. 14th and email it to us ( so we can post it on our Facebook page. If the weather is too bad to come out, send us a pic of you reading at home. Let’s have some fun!

Picture Your Family. Find a picture of one of your ancestors. Try to mimic that person’s dress, hair and general appearance and snap a pic. Email us (  the picture of your ancestor and yourself from Feb. 14th-19th. We will post you and your ancestor side-by-side on our Facebook page. Everyone can enjoy and vote on the best one from Feb. 21st-26th. A small prize will be  awarded the one who gets the most votes!