May Preservation Month Trivia

Answer the following question to the best of your ability. There are historic resources if you need help including books at the library or our historic tour under Virtual Resources on our website, Click here to download pdf of Trivia Questions!

  • Name the movie theatre that opened in August of 1949. _______________________________________________
  • Who started out as a barber, but ended up leading our police department for 48 years, winning 24 consecutive elections? (Hint: he has been inducted into the Chillicothe Hall of Fame and is on the Library’s website under Virtual Services, under People.) ______________________________________________
  • Starting in the late 1880s, where were wayward girls in Missouri sent? _______________________________________________
  • We all know sliced bread happened in Chillicothe. Do you know the year? ________________________ (Hint: the Chillicothe Baking Company is listed on the Downtown Walking Tour which is on the Library’s website under Virtual Services.)
  • Name one of the two people involved in making sliced bread happen – both men helped with the invention; one was local (born in Utica) and one was from Iowa. _________________________________

 (Hint: this can be found on the Library’s website under Virtual Services, under People.)

  • Can you name one of the colleges that used to be in Chillicothe? (There were at least 5. OK, two changed names.) _________________________________________________­_
  • When was Livingston County officially formed (year): ____________
  • When did Chillicothe finally get a charter and build its first City Hall? (Hint: first City Hall is discussed in the Downtown Tour on the  Library’s website.) ______________________________________________________
  • The ward school system started after the Civil War. What school was built c1875 in the Third Ward that served all children in town for a time? (Hint: its bell was blown off in a storm in 1883 and fell through three floors into the basement. It is still on display near its original location.) ______________________________________________________
  • What is your favorite building in Chillicothe (standing or long gone)? ________________________________________________
  • Can you name the building below? (Hint: It is no longer standing but you have probably seen a picture of it before without its dome. And it is on the Downtown Tour online.) _________________________________________________

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Submit by May 31, 2022 to be entered in a prize drawing.