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Further information for many of the schools listed below is available in Rural and Small Town Schools in Livingston County, compiled by Leo Hopper for a project for the Grand River Historical Society, July 1986.

Livingston County Schools, from Magazine Supplement to The Chillicothe Constitution, June 24, 1916


Blue Mound Township

Barry School. R24 T56 S20 (2.5 miles southeast of Dawn)

Baxter School.  R24 T56 S14 (8 miles south of Chillicothe)

Blue Mound School.  R24 T56 S36 (in Blue Mound)

Bowman School.  R24 T56 S4 (2 miles northeast of Dawn)

Burner School (northwest of Blue Mound)

Johnson School.  R5 T56 S24 (3 miles south & 1 mile west of Dawn)

Kincaid School.  R? T56 S24  (8 miles south of Chillicothe)

Stone School.  R24 T56 S30, District 7 (2 miles south of Dawn)

Swain School.  R T south (6 miles south of Chillicothe)


Dawn Schools (in Dawn)

Chillicothe Township

Bliss School.  R24 T57 S11 (1 mile south of Chillicothe)

Butler School.  R23 T57 S9 (4 miles southeast of Chillicothe), formerly Wolfskill School

Colored School (4 miles southeast of Bedford)

Field School (1 mile west of Minor School)

Jacksnipe (Waye) School.  R23 T57 S13 (5 miles east & 1 mile south of Chillicothe)

Linville School.  R24 T58 S12, District 32 (3.5 miles north of Chillicothe)

Macedonia School (6 miles north of Chillicothe)

Minor School.  R24 T58 S25 (north of Chillicothe)

Oak Grove School.  R23 T57 S7 (1 mile southeast of Chillicothe)

Progressive School.  R23 T57 S23 (5 miles east & 3 miles south of Chillicothe)

Willard School.  R24 T57 S3 ()

Wolfskill School (mentioned in Butler School article)

Woodland School.  R24 T58 S22, District 1 (2.5 miles northwest of Chillicothe)


Chillicothe Schools

Jackson University of Business

Chillicothe Business College

Cream Ridge Township

Black Hills School.  R24 T59 S36 (6 miles north & .75 miles west of Chillicothe)

Center School.  R23 T59 S20 (2 miles west of Chula)

Hazel Hurst School.  R24 T59 S3 (2.5 miles west & .5 miles south of Farmersville)

Maple Grove School.  R23 T59 S33 (2 miles south of Chula)

Smith School.  R23 T59 S10 (2 miles north of Chula)

Ward School.  R23 T59 S5 (4 miles northwest of Chula)

White School.  R23 T58 S29 (1 mile north & 1 mile west of Sturges)


Farmersville School T59 S23, District 5 (on U.S. Hwy 65)



Fairview Township

Asper School.  R23 T56 S27 (2 miles west & 2 miles south of Avalon)

Blackoak (Kapp) School.  R25 T56 S23 (2 miles south of Avalon)

Center School.  R23 T56 S22 (2 miles west of Avalon)

Condron School.  R23 T56 S30 (w miles east of Blue Mound)

Cor-Campbell School.  R23 T57 S33 (2 miles west & 3 miles north of Avalon)

Crow Point School (3 miles northwest of Avalon)

Green School.  R23 T56 S3, District 2 (2 miles west & 2 miles north of Avalon)

Lowland School.  R23 T56 S11 (2 miles north of Avalon)

Smith-Campbell School.  R23 T56 S6 (8 miles southeast of Chillicothe)

Vaughn School.  R23 T56 S18, District 89 (4 miles west of Avalon)


Avalon School (in Avalon)


Grand River Township

Center School.  R22 T56 S16 (2.5 miles south of Bedford)

Fairland School.  R22 T56 S8 (1.5 miles southwest of Bedford)

Hazel Green School.  R14 T56 S22 (3 miles north of Hale)

Independence School.  R22 T56 S5 (2 miles west of Bedford)

Leaton School.  R21 T56 S20, District 74 (5 miles northeast of Hale)

McCleary School.  R23 T57 S29 (2 miles southeast of Jimtown Bridge)

Morgan School.  R22 T56 S28 (1 mile west & 1 mile north of Hale)

Shannondale School.  R22 T56 S30 (2 miles east & 1.25 miles south of Avalon)

Toestring School.  R22 T56 S25 (1 mile east & 2 miles north of Hale)


Colored School

Bedford Schools (in Bedford)

Bedford High School (in Bedford)


Grandville School 


Greene Township

Maple Grove School.  R25 T57 S25 (3 miles southwest of Utica)

Munson School


Utica Schools (in Utica)


Jackson Township

Black School.  R25 T59 S14 (3 miles northwest of Springhill)

Blackburn School.  R25 T59 S8 (2 miles east & 1.5 miles south of the northwest corner of Livingston County)

Gibbs School.  R24 T58 S18 (6.5 miles northwest of Chillicothe)

Girdner School.  R24 T58 S9 (2 miles southeast of Springhill)

Happy Hollow (Brassfield or Hog Skin Hollow) School T59 S24 R28, District 13 (11 miles northwest of Chillicothe)

Harper School (about 4 miles west of Springhill)

Hicks School.  R25 T59 S34, District 5 (5 miles northwest of Springhill)

Hosman School.  R24 T59 S8 (18 miles northwest of Chillicothe)

Kirk (Harper) School.  R25 T58 S4, District 26 (3 miles southwest of Springhill)

Pinkley School.  R25 T59 S4, District 12 (2.5 miles north of Springhill)

Potter School.  R24 T59 S33 (2 miles northeast of Springhill) 

Prothero School.  R25 T59 S11 (2 miles northeast of Lilly Grove Church)

Ware School T59 R25 S29 (4 miles southwest of Lilly Grove Church)


Springhill School.  R24 T58 S6 (in Springhill)


Medicine Township

Banner School.  R22 T59 S9 (2.5 miles northwest of Eversonville)

Gordonville School.  R22 T59 S30 (1 mile south & 2.5 miles west of Eversonville)

Manning School.  R22 T59 S19 (2.5 miles east of Chula)

Phillips School.  R22 T59 S11 (4 miles northeast of Chula)

White Cloud School.  R22 T59 S33 (1 mile south & .75 miles west of Eversonville)


Monroe Township

Austin School (1.5 miles north of Ludlow)

Bryanville School.  R25 T56 S4 (2 miles north & 1 mile west of Ludlow)

Hosier School.  R25 T56 S32 (2 miles south & 1.25 miles west of Ludlow)

Johnson School.  R25 T56 S25 District 99 (orig. #5)

McCoskrie School.  R25 T56 S5

Risley School.  T Rsouth (2 miles north & 2 miles east of Ludlow)

Warner (Yahns) School.  R25 T56 S17 (2 miles west & .25 miles north of Ludlow)



Ludlow Schools (in Ludlow)

Treat School (in Ludlow)


Mooresville Township

Brush College School.  R25 T57 S23 (2.25 miles east of Mooresville)

Clay Hill School.  R25 T57 S9 (2 miles north of Mooresville)

Oak Ridge (Matson) School.  R25 T57 S6 (2.5 miles northwest of Mooresville)

Prairie Ridge (Hudgins) School.  R25 T57 S19 (1.25 miles west of Mooresville)

Tonerville School.  R25 T57 S31, District 62 (orig #6)


Colored School

Mooresville Schools (in Mooresville)


Rich Hill Township

Adams School.  R23 T58 S21 D41 (4 miles northeast of Chillicothe)

American Bottoms Schoolwest of Chula.  R24 T59 S23 (4 miles west of Chula) 

Bradford School.  R23 T58 S34 (4 miles east of Chillicothe)

Bradford School.  R23 T58 S34 (4 miles east of Chillicothe)

Cottonwood Grove School (1.5 miles south of Chula)

Grant School (2 miles south of Sturges)

Green Grove School.  R23 T58 S7, District 33(orig.#4) (2.5 miles southwest of Sturges)

Jones School.  R23 T58 S32, District 53 (1.5 miles east of Chillicothe)

Manning (Raney) School.   R22 T59 S12, District 17 (east of Chula)

McCormick School.  R23 T58 S9 (1 mile east & 1.5 miles south of Sturges)

Minor School.  R23 T58 S25 (1 mile north of Chillicothe)

Oakdale School (northwest of Jones cemetery)

Pond School T Rsouth (5 miles northeast of Chillicothe)

Slagle School.  R23 T58 S14 (5 miles southeast of Sturges)

Smith School.  R23 T59 S10 District 3 (north of Chula)

Ward School.  R23 T59south , District 4 (northwest of Chula)


Chula Schools (in Chula)


Sturges School (lot 7 block 3 in Sturges)


Sampsel Township

Boucher School.  R25 T58 S21 (1 mile north of Sampsel)

Brookshire School.  R25 T58 S7 (3 miles east of Lock Springs)

Brown School. R Tsouth (3 miles northeast of Sampsel)

Moody School.  R25 T58 S3 (2.5 miles southwest of Sampsel)

Raulie School.  R25 T59 S12, District 25 (2.25 miles southwest of Springhill)

Sneed School.  R25 T58 S26, District 45 (2 miles southeast of Sampsel)

Walker School (east of Sampsel)


Sampsel Schools.  R25 T58 S28, District 46 (in Sampsel)

Sampsel High School (in Sampsel)

Wheeling Township

Gish (North Wheeling) School.  R22 T58 S29 (2 miles north of Wheeling)

Gordon School (1 mile west of Slagle's Mill)

Gordonville School  R22 T59 S30 (north of Wheeling)

Gould (South Wheeling)School.  R 22 T59 S9 (1.5 miles south of Wheeling)

Leopolis School.  Parochial school near cemetery

New York School.  R22 T58 S8 No. 2 (4.5 miles north of Wheeling)

Prairie Valley School.  R22 T58 S7, District 5 (5 miles northwest of Wheeling) (no CT article)

South Wheeling.  R22 T57 S9, No. 2 (no CT article) 


Wheeling Schools (in Wheeling)


Unknown Location

Freels School.  built by Robert Dockery of land from John Freels, 1854


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