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Past and Present of Livingston County
Volume 1. History

by Major A. J. Roof. 1913

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Table of Contents

Geological Review

General Section of Outcrops in Livingston County

Climatological Data

Red Men

Grand River Valley

Livingston County

Early Settlers

Missouri Governors

Missouri Soils


First Courthouse

County and Circuit Courts

First Bridges and Ferries

First Stores

First Mills

The County and County Court

Politics and War

Know-Nothing Party

Question of Emancipation

Case of Rev. J. E. Gardner

Drake Constitution

Military Organizations in the Mexican War

Militia Musters

Civil War Organizations

Spanish-American War

Company "I", Fourth Regiment Infantry, National Guard Missouri

Progressive Party

Bridges in the County

County Officials


Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad

The Wabash - Old North Missouri

Chicago, Milwaukee, & St. Paul Railroad Co

Chillicothe and Des Moines Road

Missouri Roads

Old Trails

Cross State Highway

Missouri, The Quality Queen

Farm Crops and Live Stock

Summary of Crops for 1912

Surplus Shipments from Livingston County

Flood of July, 1909

Population of the County in 1910

Assessed Valuations

County Infirmary

Industrial Home for Girls

Livingston County Press


Chillicothe High School

Religious Denominations

First Methodist Episcopal Church

First Baptist Church, Chillicothe

Grace Episcopal Church, Chillicothe

M. E. Church, South, Chillicothe

Christian Church, Chillicothe

Catholic Churches

Free Methodist Church, Chillicothe

Pleasant Grove M. E. Church, South

A. M. E. Church, Chillicothe

Old Settlers' Day Tale

Heatherly Family

Captain Joe Kirk

The Late Thomas Hutchinson - A Centenarian

Some Old People

Pioneer Marriages

All Over Reminiscences

Townships and Sections

Blue Mound Township

Welsh Congregational Church

Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church

Sampsell Township

Mount Pleasant Church

Monroe Township

Mooresville Township

Cream Ridge Township

Medicine Township

Jackson Township

Zion Baptist Church, Jackson Township

Greene Township

Fairview Township

Avalon Presbyterian Church

Wheeling Township

Baptist Church, Wheeling

Rich Hill Township

Union Baptist Church, Sturges

M. E. Church, Chula

Baptist Church, Chula

Olive Branch Baptist Church

Grand River Township

M. E. Church, South, Bedford

City of Chillicothe

Municipal Electric Light Plant

Additions to Chillicothe

Chillicothe Officials

Poultry Fanciers' Association

Chillicothe Fire Department

Famous Empire Ball Team

Beautiful Elm Park

Our Manufacturing Interests

Banks and Banking

Exchange Bank, Chula, Missouri

Citizens Bank, Avalon, Missouri

Farmers and Traders Bank, Dawn, Missouri

Farmers National Bank, Ludlow, Missouri

Mooresville Saving Bank, Mooresville, Missouri

Bank of Bedford, Bedford, Missouri

First National Bank, Ludlow, Missouri

Farmers and Merchants Bank, Wheeling, Missouri

Bank of Utica, Utica, Missouri

People's Exchange Bank, Sturges, Missouri

People's Savings Bank, Chillicothe, Missouri

Farmers and Merchants Bank, Chula, Missouri

Bank of Chillicothe, Chillicothe, Missouri

Citizens National Bank, Chillicothe, Missouri

First National Bank, Chillicothe, Missouri


People's Bank Robbery

Jackson University

Chillicothe Business College

Lodges and Clubs

Concluding Tribute

Table of Contents


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