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Chillicothe, Missouri


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    City View 004.jpg (47889 bytes) City View 001.jpg (24233 bytes) City View 002.jpg (35000 bytes)
    Elm Park (corner of Washington & Jackson Streets) Washington Street, circa 1920 Chillicothe, circa 1907
    City View 003.jpg (24233 bytes) Jackson St 002.jpg (24846 bytes) Locust 005.jpg (29212 bytes)
    Elm Park & Washington Street Jackson Street Locust Street
    Locust 006.jpg (30524 bytes) Locust 002.jpg (26995 bytes) Locust 010.jpg (25362 bytes)
    Locust Street Locust Street, circa 1910 Locust Street
    Locust 013.jpg (25171 bytes) Locust 008.jpg (32192 bytes) Locust 001.jpg (26998 bytes)
    Locust Street, circa 1909 Locust Street Locust Street
    Locust 004.jpg (23455 bytes) Washington 002.jpg (22353 bytes) Washington 004.jpg (25410 bytes)
    Locust Street, circa 1909 Washington Street, circa 1909 Washington Street (across from Elm Park)
    Washington 005.jpg (28858 bytes) Leeper Hotel 005.jpg (33942 bytes) John Deere 001.jpg (16891 bytes)
    Washington Street (across from Elm Park) Washington Street South Washington Street
    Washington 003.jpg (33081 bytes) Washington 001.jpg (19025 bytes) Jackson St 003.jpg (70372 bytes)
    Washington Street Washington Street Jackson Street, circa 1923
    Adams 002.jpg (28647 bytes) Citizens 001.jpg (30625 bytes) City Hall 002.jpg (28530 bytes)
    Adams Automobile & Supply Company Citizens National Bank Building Chillicothe City Hall
    Courthouse 010.jpg (38825 bytes) Courthouse 002.jpg (37902 bytes) City Mills 001.jpg (18356 bytes)
    Livingston County Court House.  Laying the cornerstone, 1913 Livingston County Court House Milbank City Mills
    Federal Bldg 001.jpg (29578 bytes) Fire Dept 002.jpg (26811 bytes) Fire Dept 001.jpg (33061 bytes)
    U.S. Federal Building Fire Department Fire Department
    First National 001.jpg (27179 bytes) Fraley Sale 002.jpg (23933 bytes) Grahams Mill 002.jpg (33163 bytes)
    First National Bank, 701 Locust Fraley Sale Pavilion Graham's Mill
    Grahams Mill 014.jpg (32472 bytes) Hospital 002.jpg (26943 bytes) St Marys Hosp 002.jpg (30492 bytes)
    Road to Graham's Mill City Hospital St. Mary's Hospital
    Ind Home Girls 003.jpg (28142 bytes) Jail 002.jpg (18384 bytes) Tootle Campbell 001.jpg (31919 bytes)
    Industrial Home for Girls, Third Street County Jail Tootle-Campbell Shirt & Overall Factory
    McVey 001.jpg (27750 bytes) Railroad 001.jpg (26741 bytes) Railroad 004.jpg (26556 bytes)
    McVey-Barclay Dry Goods

    501-505 Locust

    Burlington Depot C. M. & St. P. Depot
    Renraw 001.jpg (27634 bytes) Simpson Pool 001.jpg (29182 bytes) Strand Hotel 002.jpg (29921 bytes)
    Renraw Park Swimming Pool Simpson Park Swimming Pool Strand Hotel & Theatre
    Strand Hotel 003.jpg (29444 bytes) Shirley 001.jpg (31131 bytes) Tribune 001.jpg (24481 bytes)
    Strand Hotel Lobby Shirley's Confectionery Daily Tribune Building

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