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Chillicothe, Missouri

The City With a Future


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    Scenes on Grand River, near Chillicothe

    Some wooded beauty spots near Chillicothe, Missouri

    Bred in Livingston County, Missouri 

    Livingston County Farm Scene

    A Primitive Livingston County House 

    View of Elm Park, Chillicothe, Mo.

    Street Scene in Chillicothe, Mo.

    Air Line Bridge near Chillicothe, Mo.

    Lake Resort near Chillicothe, Mo.

    Residence Street Scene in Chillicothe, Mo.

    Favorite Resorts near Chillicothe

    J. E. Meek, a Local Contractor, Laying Paving Brick

    Meek Crew Preparing to Pave

    Some Chillicothe Churches: Presbyterian, St. Columban's, First M. E., Elm St. M. E., Christian, First Baptist, St. Joseph's

    Interior of Grace Church

    CHILLICOTHE BOARD OF EDUCATION, MAY 31, 1909:  C. Boehner, Wm. Scruby John McBride, W. G. Keath, J. D. Brookshier, J. H. Taylor

    H. B. HOGAN, Member Board of Education, Elected June 1, 1909

    Central and High School Buildings

    Mrs. A. M. Clay, Supt. State Industrial Home For Girls

    Panoramic View of the State Industrial Home For Girls, Chillicothe, Mo.

    CITY OFFICIALS: Top Row - Ira G. Graham, Auditor; Jo Broaddus, Engineer; Frank W. Ashby, Attorney.  Middle Row - M. V. B. Crill, Police Judge; J. W. Toppass, Assessor; William Scruby, Council-at-large; Frank Pierson, Treasurer; Maurice Dorney, Chief-of-Police; H. I. Spence, Clerk.  Bottom Row - G. A. Holt, Councilman Fourth Ward; H. C. Hoffman, Councilman Third Ward; J. H. Taylor, Mayor; M. W. Litton, Councilman Second Ward; W. A. Eylenburg, Councilman First Ward

    Plant and Office of City Water Co.

    LIVINGSTON COUNTY OFFICIALS:  County Judge Joseph V. Benzell, Presiding Judge Chris Boehner, Mark White, Sheriff; Mathew McBride, Circuit Clerk; A. M. Shelton, County Clerk; Wm. Reynolds, Recorder; Dolph Roberts, Treasurer; R. L. Dowell, Coroner; H. P. Scruby, Representative, Probate Judge Pierce Overton County Judge L. F. Bonderer

    Plant and Office Peoples Gas & Electric Co.


    City Hall and Fire Department

    Herd Bull of Dr. T. G. Phelps

    Chillicothe is North Missouri's most important railroad center, as the above map shows.  The dotted line shows the proposed electric railroad

     A Superior Livingston County Draft Horse. Beau Lys II, owned by I. W. Everson

    A Livingston County Jack - Senator La Follette, 50,422, owned by I. W. Everson

    The People's Telephone Company's New Quarters

    MEMBERS OF LIVINGSTON COUNTY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION PRACTICING IN CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI:  Dr. W. R. Simpson, Dr. R. Barney, Dr. J. C. Shelton, Dr. H. M. Grace, Dr. W. M. Girdner, Dr. L. E. Tracy, Dr. B. N. Stevens, Dr. David Gordon, Dr. J. W. Trimble, Dr. Arthur J. Simpson, Dr. K. S. Piatt

    Exterior Gunby Realty Co.'s Office

    Laying Telephone Conduit

    Interior Gunby Realty Co.'s Office


    Luella Theatre

    Interior Gill & Ryan's Office 

    Exterior Broyles Land Co.'s Office

    President's Office Broyles Land Co.

    Manager's Office Broyles Land Co.

    Main Office Broyles Land Co. 

    Private Office Broyles Land Co. 

    Stenographer's Room, Broyles Land Co.

    Exterior View Bazel J. Meek Land Co.'s Office

    Interior and Exterior Douglas Stewart's Offices

    Dredge Boat in Operation

    Ditching Bottom Land

    Douglas Stewart

    First National Bank Building

    Interior First National Bank

    Citizens National Bank Building

    Interior Citizens' National Bank

    OFFICERS CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK:  W. W. Edgerton, President; J. C. Minteer, Vice-President, R. F. McNally, Cashier; J. M. Dunn, Assistant Cashier

    Members of Bar Association:  1st Row - Judge J. M. Davis, S. J. Miller, J. L. Schmitz.  2nd Row - S. L. Sheetz, Franks S. Miuller, F. W. Ashby, Forrest M. Gill.  Center - F. L. Arthaud.  4th Row - E. C. Kabrick, Joseph Arthaud, Douglass Stewart, Jr., Judge Arch B. Davis.  5th Row - L. A. Chapman, P. G. Crow, Senator F. S. Hudson.  6th Row - C. F. Wikoff, L. A. Martin,  7th Row - Mathew McBride, J. E. Watkins, W. W. Davis.


     Law Library of J.M. Davis & Sons

    Eastman's Garage

    St. Mary's Hospital

    Wabash Depot, Burlington Depot, Milwaukee Depot

    Judge J. M. Davis' Residence


    St. Joseph's Academy

    Chillicothe Brick and Tile Co.'s Plant

    Jenkins Hay Rake and Stacker Co.'s Factory

    Jenkins' Hay Stacker in Operation in Livingston County Hay Field

    Exterior Brownfield & Hubbard's Candy Factory

    Interior Brownfield & Hubbard's Candy Factory

    Frank Way's Foundry and Machine Shops

    The Crow Cigar Co.'s Factory

    City Mills of J. T. Milbank & Bro.

    Tootle-Campbell Shirt and Overall Factory

    Exterior Bennett & Williams' Veterinary Hospital

    Interior Bennett & Williams' Veterinary Hospital

    Dolph Maupin, President Maupin's Commercial College

    Walter Jackson, Vice-President Maupin's Commercial College

    Home of Maupin's Commercial College

    Typewriter Class at Maupin's College


    Shorthand Class at Maupin's College

    Penmanship Class at Maupin's College

    Black Langshan Cock and Some of the Trophies He has Won.  Owned by Frank Bayles

    Prize Winning Rhode Island Red Cock, owned by O. P. Clark

    Interior Chillicothe Steam Laundry

    A. McVey, Founder of New York Store

    The First Home of the New York Store

    The Present Home of the New York Store

    View Main Floor New York Store from Balcony

    Department Views, Main Floor, New York Store

    View Carpet Room New York Store

    Interior of McIlwrath's Book Store


    W. H. Sipple, President and Founder Sipple Clothing Co.

    Shoe and Clothing Departments, Sipple Clothing Co.

    Exterior S. A. Stone & Son's Music Store

    Interior S. A. Stone & Son's Music Store

    Interior of Macdonald's Jewelry Store

    Interior of Deardorff & Mann's Hardware Store

    Dr. Girdner's Office


    Exterior Farmer's Store

    Department Views in the Farmer's Store

    Interior Oriented Billiard Parlors & Bowling Alleys

    Interior Clark's Pharmacy

    Dr. C. A. Wolfe

    Interior of Dr. Wolfe's Office

    Col. A. W. Cies

    Interior Col. Cies' Office

    Saunders-Turner Lumber Yard


    Exterior Mohrs & Son's Furniture Store

    Interior of Mohrs & Son's Furniture Store

    Interior Ault Millinery Store

    Display of Hats at the Ault Millinery Store


    Exterior Eylenburg & Bishop's Poultry House

    Col. H. W. Graham

    Offices of Col. Harry W. Graham and the Twentieth Century Farmer


    Interior Farrington's Ice Cream Parlor

    R. L. Isherwood's Greenhouse. A Sample of Livingston County Fruit

    A sample of Livingston County fruit

    Graham & Moore's Grocery Store

    Interior Graham & Moore's Grocery Store

    Allen Moore, President. Frank L. Maxwell, Vice-President Allen Moore, Founder Chillicothe Normal School, Fred B. Brady, Business Manager, Ralph LeRoy Moore, Vice-President

    Normal School Building

    One of Our Normal Buildings

    Ladies' Residence at Normal

    Allen Moore's Residence

    Class Drill in Actual Business at Chillicothe Normal School

    Telegraphy Class Receiving Messages on Typewriters at Chillicothe Normal School

    Typewriting Class at Chillicothe Normal School

    Chapel Hall, Chillicothe Normal School

    Kline's Model Bakery

    F. F. Weber

    P. W. Hartman

    Dr. J. E. Callaway

    Interior Dr. Callaway's Office

    Andrew Leeper

    Leeper Hotel

    Senator Fred Hudson

    Senator Hudson's Residence

    Watton's Studio

    Dr. J. E. Callaway's Residence

    Dr. H. M. Grace's Residence

    Andrew Leeper's Residence

    W. O. Clark's Residence

    J. H. Barclay's Residence

    Ben F. Broyles' Residence

    W. J. Gunby's Residence

    M. R. Jenkins' Residence

    Jno T. Milbanks' Residence

    Mrs. Geo. Milbank's Residence

    Dr. J. C. Shelton's Residence

    T. C. Beasley's Residence

    Douglas Stewart's Residence

    The Constitution Office