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Past and Present of Livingston County
Volume 1. History

by Major A. J. Roof. 1913

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Company H of the Fourth Missouri Volunteer Infantry was made up of young men from Livingston county. The Company was organized in Chillicothe and mustered into the United States service at Camp Stephens, Jefferson Barracks Missouri, on the 16th day of May, 1898, with Col. Joseph A. Corby commanding the regiment. From Jefferson Barracks the regiment was ordered to report at Camp Alger, Virginia. After a brief time they were transferred to Camp Meade, Pennsylvania, and later to Camp Wetheral, South Carolina. Here the regiment remained until the cessation of hostilities in Cuba at which time they were mustered out on the 10th day of February, 1899, without having seen active service. Several of the "boys," however, joined other commands and later experienced the hardships of war in the Philippines.

Following is a full and complete roster of Company H the date of organization:

Frank S. Miller, captain.

Wm. T. Broaddus, first lieutenant.

Harry D. McHolland, second lieutenant.

Edward M. Palmer, first sergeant.

Louis H. Gould, quarter master sergeant.

Commodore Smith, sergeant.

Frederick A. Sapp, sergeant.

Samuel L. Sheetz, sergeant.

Roy Thompson, sergeant.

Wm. T. Graves, first corporal.

Clemence H. Shields, corporal.

Earl V. Jones, corporal.

Charles Boyd, corporal.

Burke Brownfield, corporal.

Andrew P. Myers, corporal.

Ray F. Brandon, corporal.

John A. Fitzpatrick, Corporal.

Arthur U. Campbell, corporal.

Frank G. Crouch, corporal.

Charles E. Lindsey, corporal.

Ralph Weaver, musician.

Harry Porter, musician.

James Sprague, artificer.

Henry Ishmael, wagoner.


James W. Albin, Robert Adams, Edward Berling, David H. Brown, John H. Baxter, John Baierlotzer, George Bowerman, James O. Belshe, John F. Bowen, David W. Bowers, Arthur W. Carmichael, Robert Cotter, Coral M. Cruise, Fred B. Clarke, George Climie, Howard Crassen, Lorenzo D. Cooper, John W. Couch, Leverett W. Craig, Wm. H. Duncan, Thomas M. Duncan, Walter Emery, Elmer G. Edwards, Samuel F. Elder, Robert Fullerton, James W. Glunt, Robert Graham, George H. Gibbons, John J. Gallagher, John R. Hern, Buckels J. Hart, Louis C. Hallenberg, John L. Hood, John J. Haston, Allen U. Huff, Joseph P. Johnson, Daniel P. Jenkins, Elmer E. Jones, Prince A. Loveland, Charles H. Layton, John T. Lomax, Frank E. Lemon, Joseph S. Loney, Edward Long, Daniel Montgomery, James McQuin, Edward Meacum, Robert Murrell, Ralph Molloy, Harvey H. Minor, Robert Miller, Lawrence N. Monroe, Ora C. Mohler, Robert Mace, Joseph E. Montgomery, Robert Mooney, Robert S. Martin, Walter R. Owens, Harry H. Pratt, John M. Pickens, Samuel C. Royce, Jesse D. Reed, Clayton Ross, Benton A. Reynolds, Ray R. Reed, Warden Reed, Walter M. Stewart, Andrew B. Schneider, Harry Shour, George H. Smith, Earl F. Smith, John A. Stevenson, William T. Smiley, William O. Stacy, Ralph S. Tanner, Elza Wilcox, William A. Williams, William A. Watkins, Charles B. Wilson, Dudley D. Wilson, Sherman Wood, David E. Wells, Virgil Ware, William C. Waddell.

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