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Past and Present of Livingston County
Volume 1. History

by Major A. J. Roof. 1913

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Friendship Lodge, No. 89, A. F. & A. M., was first organized in Chillicothe in 1847. The present officers are: Henry S. Adams, W. M.; William Walsh, secretary. The lodge meetings are held the first and third Friday evenings in each month.

Chillicothe Lodge, No. 333, meets the second and fourth Friday evenings of each month. The present officers are: E. E. Hoenshell, W. M,; J. W. McCormick, secretary.

Chillicothe Council, Royal Select Masters, No. 28, meets the first Monday in each month. The present officers are: J. Wm. Reynolds, Th. Ill.master; Reuben Barney, recorder.

Lone Star Royal Arch Chapter, No. 30, meets the second and fourth Tuesdays in each month. The present officers are William A, Summerville, H. P.; John W. Toppass, secretary.

Paschal Commandery, No. 32, K. T., meets the first and third Mondays in each month. The present officers are: H. H. Pardonner, E. C.; Reuben Barney, recorder.

The Masonic Board of Relief meets quarterly. The officers are: Preston Randolph, president; Reuben Barney, secretary.

The Masonic Temple Association meets the second Thursday in each month. The officers are: Preston Randolph, president; Reuben Barney, secretary.

The Masonic Temple is one of the finest and most substantial buildings in Chillicothe. It was erected and completed in the fall of 1895 at a cost of $18,000.

I. 0. 0. F., Chillicothe. – A meeting was called January 14, 1856, for the purpose of organizing an Odd Fellows lodge in Chillicothe. At this meeting H. T. Grill, then district deputy grand master, presided. The following officers were elected: R. R. Mills, N. G.; George Pace, V. G.; U. T. Green, rec. sec'y; H. W. Lansing, sec'y; B. F. Carpenter, treasurer. The charter was granted to Lodge No. 91, 1. 0. 0. F., May 21, 1856, with the following charter members: V. W. Kimball, R. R. Mills, M. W. Yeager, G. W. Call, U. T. Green, George Pace, Jesse Hoge, John Ewing, D. H. Kenny, Rev. Wiley Clark, B. F. Carpenter, H. W. Lansing and John Henderson. The lodge held its meetings in Waples' hall, the present site of the Mohrs furniture store, until the Civil war, when on January 12, 1863, it was disbanded, the late Hon. Chas. H. Mansur taking charge of the books and the soldiers occupying the hall. A soldier from Harrison county clandestinely appropriated the lodge Bible and later pawned it to a barber named James Grubb, whose shop was under the old Harvey house at the northwest corner of the public square. The barber kept the Bible until the close of the war and when the lodge was reorganized in 1865 he became a member and restored the book to the lodge. The reorganization took place July 18, 1865, in Masonic hall with C. H. Mansur, E. H. Bement, R. R. Mills, J. W. Hearne, J. L. Malkin and D. W. C. Edgerton present, at which time the following old members were reinstated: J. P. Moore, James Leeper, M. A. Thornton, John McDonald, John Henderson, A. Rogers and F. P. Hearne, and the following officers elected: J. W. Hearne, N. G.; D. W. C. Edgerton, V. G.; E. H. Bement, secretary; John McDonald, treasurer. July 2, 1866, the lodge moved to Bell & Moore's hall on the east side of the public square, where they remained for a number of years, removing thence to the Gunby hall on the west side, where they remained until the completion of their new hall on Washington street, which was erected at a cost Of $9,172.52 and was occupied August 17, 1891. The building was unroofed by a wind storm January 29, 1909, entailing an expense of $1,400 in repairs. The lodge, however, has been prosperous, its present membership being 191, and on January 27, 1913, a jubilee meeting was held, at which time the total indebtedness against the lodge was reported liquidated and the bonds burned in the presence of the members and a large number of visiting brothers from other lodges.

Chillicothe Encampment, No. 67, 1. 0. 0. F., was instituted by District Deputy Grand Patriarch William McClellan, March 12, 1872, and the charter granted May 24, 1872. The following officers were elected: David Burberry, chief patriarch; E. H. Bement, high priest; C. R. Berry, scribe; C. H. Mansur, treasurer; B. F. Berry, sen. warden; H. B. Thaxton, jun. warden. The name of the camp has been changed to Ideal Encampment and it now has a membership of 300 in good standing, The present officers are: John Mitchell, C. P.; J. E. Winn, H. P.; W. A. Lewis, sen. warden; M. E. Perryman, jun. war.; M. L. England, scribe; L. Carlton, financial scribe; Ira Graham, treasurer.

The Daughters of Rebecca, Lodge No. 43, Chillicothe, was instituted in Chillicothe, August 3, 1889, Mrs. R. A. Debolt, district deputy, presiding. The charter was granted May 23, 1890, with the following charter members: Mr. and Mrs. Z. B. Myers, D. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Tanner, Mrs. Jennie Voris, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Benge, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Missman, Mr. and Mrs. S. England, Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Richards, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Porter, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Mormon, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Huffman, Mr. and Mrs. H. Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pratt, S. Shook, Mrs. Mary Burberry, R. Stewart, B. A. Rapp, J. J. Nellis, Miss Sallie England, Miss Lillie England, Miss Josie Clem, Miss Sadie Henderson, S. A. Stone, W. B. Caston, D. Hargrave, Charles Gitner, R. H. Haddock, W. R. McVey, 0. W. Edmonds, C. W. Missman and wife and C. A. Loomis. The following officers were elected: Mrs. Emma Tanner, noble grand; Miss Annie Stewart, vice grand; Mrs. Jennie Voris, recording secretary; Mrs. Marinda Turner, financial secretary; Miss Sallie England, treasurer. The lodge now has a membership of 121 in good standing. The present officers are: Mrs. Margaret Laney, noble grand; Mrs. Carrie Dice, vice grand; Miss Edna Hood, secretary; Mrs. Nannie Mitchell, financial secretary; and Mrs. Victoria Miller, treasurer.

The Chillicothe Lodge, No. 656, of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks was organized March 9, 1901. The charter members and first officers were as follows: Virgil Dillon, exalted ruler; Wadsworth D. Leeper, esteemed leading knight; Arthur J. Simpson, esteemed loyal knight; Fred B. Brady, esteemed lecturing knight; Burdette V. Gill, secretary; J. H. Mansur, treasurer; B. F. Wilkerson, esquire; George E. Braun, tyler; H. M. Grace, chaplain; D. F. Cronhardt, inner guard; C. F. Adams, E. H. Moss and Chris Boehner, trustees; Wm. A. Eylenburg, D. M. Hamlin, Jos. Wallbrunn, R. S. Hall, John F. Hawley, W. E. Scott, C. A. Faus, J. W. Stone, Jr., Herman Berg, Paul D. Kitt, Wm. J. Mohrs, Frank Sheetz, E. K. Hunter, and G. H. Lawson. The lodge used the third floor of the Wallbrunn building for their lodge meetings and club rooms for almost nine years. In February, 1907, the England lots at the corner of Jackson and Elm streets were purchased and in the spring of 1909 work was begun on the erection of the present building owned by the Chillicothe order. This home was built at a cost of about $20,000.00 and is considered one of the finest in the state. The building was completed in January, 1910, and Chillicothe Lodge moved into its new home. This lodge now has 215 active members. The present officers are as follows: John L. Schmitz, exalted ruler; Robert L. Williams, esteemed leading knight; Allen Moore, esteemed loyal knight; Forest M. Gill, esteemed lecturing knight; Karl M. Blanchard, secretary; Fred B. Brady, treasurer; Malcomb Perryman, esquire; John W. Williams, tyler; Edwin M. Switzer, inner guard; and Charles H. Grace, chaplain; trustees, William A. Eylenburg, Joseph Wallbrunn and Raymond F. McNally.

Charm Council, No. 628, Knights and Ladies of Security, Chillicothe, was organized February 24, 1899, by Deputy and Mrs. C. W. Hawkins, when the following officers were elected: president, Lillian 'Beal; first vice president, Mrs. Adams; second vice president, George Pinkly; prelate, J. D. Rice; financial secretary, Dr. Henderson; treasurer, John Adams; trustees, Edgar Edwards, Eugene Packard and J. D. Rice. There were 23 charter members. The order now has 183 members. The present officers are: Robert Nuttall, president; Mrs. T. G. Jones, first vice president; Rilla Sprague, second vice president; Mrs. John Wilcox, prelate; Mrs. Robert Nuttall, secretary; A. R. Bowman, financier. The national order now has a surplus of $2,175, 000 reserve fund.

Chillicothe Camp, No. 368, Woodmen of the World. - This camp was organized May 9, 1901. The present officers of the camp are: Claude Bradford, C. C.; A. L. Clem, adv. lieut.; W. R. Rose, banker; J. W. Hicks, escort; W. A. Merrill, sentry; E. Lucas, watchman; F. E. Brown, clerk; Drs. R. Barney and H. M. Grace, physicians; H. V. Newlin, A. H. Huggett, W. H. Sprague.

Chillicothe Tent, No. 31, Order of Maccabees, is enjoying a satisfactory degree of prosperity. From the organization of the order in Chillicothe the membership has steadily increased from year to year. The officers of the lodge for 1913 are: W. W. Dunn, commander; S. H. Marr, lieutenant commander; Charles Gibbs, record keeper; D. O. Smith, finance keeper; J. C. Williams, chaplain; W. L. Gibbs, sergeant; James Snook, master-at-arms; James Teeters, first master guards; J. Smith, second master guards; William Adams, sentinel; James McCormick, picket; and William Walsh, trustee.

Chillicothe Hive, No. 41, Ladies of the Maccabees of the World, was organized March 30, 1898, by Mary Metler of Brookfield, Missouri, with only thirteen charter members, but the charter was not closed until July 2, 1898, at which time they numbered twenty-five members, as follows: Sarah J. Huff, Celia Crockett, Della Tanner, Minerva Green, Christina Parish, Mabel Hickman, Lena Green, Lida Roush, Fanny McCully, Ida Grant, Eva Tinch, Mary Alexander, Adalaide Seiser, Margaret Huff, Lillie May Jackson, Cora Belle Haus, Louisa A. Mayers, Leora May Walters, Ella T. Colby, Florence J. Russell, Ida May Hawkins, Virdie Hartman, Sarah Anderson, Elizabeth A. Hackett, and May J. Sweeney. The following officers were elected: Lady Commander, Sarah J. Huff; Lt. Com., Della Tanner; Record Keeper, Lida Roush; Finance Keeper, Eva Tinch; Chaplain, Mary E. Alexander. The present officers are: Past Lady Commander, Sue Pardonner; Lady Commander, Clara Edith Wilson; Lt. Com., Daisy Pardonner; Record Keeper, Rebecca Clem; Finance Keeper, Minnie Creamer; Chaplain, Laura Chittick.

Omega Lodge, No. 61, Knights of Pythias, Chillicothe, was instituted August 24, 1880, with the following charter members: James L. Buford, John F. Sherman, Jesse E. Hitt, John P. Sailor, George T. Sailor, John C. Hanson, Joseph C. Minteer, Jr., Nat Cooper, Louis Sherman, Green B. Sherman, James G. Wynne, Charles Asper, John Mohrs, W. F. Browning, Jr., Frank Platter, W. E. Crellin, Charles G. Vann, A. M. Johnston. The present lodge officers are: Harry W. Miller, P. C.; L. A. Martin, C. C.; 0. F. Randall, V. C.; Walter D. Wilson, prelate; N. P. Stephenson, K. R. S.; H. A. Millhouse, M. of Ex.; J. E. Watkins, M. at A.; Max Jenkins, I. G.; Anthony Butcher, O. G.

Model Camp, No. 1650, Royal Neighbors of America, Chillicothe. - This camp was organized in 1897 with eighteen charter members. The first officers were: Mrs. E. M. Swartz, oracle; Miss Dade Himmel, recorder, and Mrs. Carrie Murray, receiver. The officers for 1913 are: Mrs. Ella Curry, oracle; Mrs. Gertrude Cheyney, recorder; and Mrs. Minnie Cover, receiver. The camp now has a membership of one hundred and three and is the largest ladies' fraternal order in Livingston county.

United Commercial Travelers, No. 48, Of Chillicothe, was organized in 1897. 'The present officers are: E. E. Koenshel, senior commander; and Chas. Gillidette, secretary. At present the organization has one hundred and fifty members, all of whom make their homes in Chillicothe.

The Travelers Protective Association, known as Post K, in the state, was instituted soon after the organization of U. C. T., and all are residents of Chillicothe. Fifty members are enrolled in the order. W. L. Tunnell is president and Chas. Gillidette, secretary. Every member of these two organizations are "boosters" for Chillicothe and the wonderful tales they relate between trains and in the lobbies of hotels about the future prospects of the city, would cause Kansas City to stand up and take notice.

The Loyal Order of Moose, No. 1267. - This order was instituted in Chillicothe, on the 14th day of February, 1913, with eighty-seven charter members, by State Organizer H. H. Stewart. The present officers of the order are: S. Carlton, past dictator; John Williams, dictator; Frank Brown, vice dictator; Cliff Carnes, prelate; J. M. Seiser, treasurer; Chas. G. Goodner, secretary, The order is increasing rapidly in membership and the officers anticipate three hundred active and honorary members before the close of 1913.

Tindall Post, No. 29, G. A. R., Chillicothe, was granted a charter on the 7th of September, 1882, and was organized by Department Commander William Warner with the following charter members: Wm. N. Norville, S. F. Boyce, John DeSha, T. H. Notestine, R. Barney, J. B. Tanner and G. H. Tinch. Tindall Post was named in honor of Colonel Tindall, who was killed at the battle of Shiloh. The first officers of the post were: W. N. Norville, P. C.; R. Barney, S. V. C.; John DeSha, Jr. V. C.; S. F. Boyce, 0. D.; E. J. Marsh, Q. M.; J. L. Raynard, chap.; Garrison Harker, adj.; J. B. Tanner, G. The present officers are: A. D. Sturges, P. C.; W. A. Brant, S. V. C.; E. A. Exceen, Jr. V. C.; J. M. Hammond, chap.; D. A. French, Q. M.; J. E. Callaway, surgeon; H. H. Spence, O. D.; Martin Crill, adj.; James Bench, O. G.; J. W. Toppass, patriotic instructor. The post meets the fourth Thursday in each month.

Olive Prindle Chapter, D. A. R., Chillicothe, was organized in 1911 by the state regent, Mrs. Oliver, with a membership of thirteen, twelve being the required number to organize. The officers were: Mrs. M. P. Barney, regent; Mrs. B. V. Gill, vice regent; Mrs. Jos. Rensch, secretary; Mrs. Paul D. Kitt, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Ethel Welch, treasurer; Mrs. Seymour Wigely, registrar; Miss Anna Broaddus, historian. The chapter has doubled its membership since its organization, has offered prizes to the public schools for the best essays on patriotic subjects, contributed to the Ozark fund, had the name of "Cemetery Lane" changed to the name of "Edgewood Avenue" and hopes to have the avenue paved to Bryan street the present year, a project that has been in contemplation for the last two years. Eligibility to membership in the D. A. R. must be one who can trace direct descent from ancestor who had served in the war of the Revolution. Meetings are held the second Monday in each month, except July and August, at the residence of the members.

The Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce was organized two years ago at which time C. F. Adams was chosen president. The organization includes in its membership every "live wire" in the city and they are pulling together as one man for a greater Chillicothe. Already the work of the chamber has resulted in securing two or more factories, and they are now in correspondence with others seeking locations with a fair prospect of landing one or more soon. Their united efforts are also directed towards making Chillicothe a model city of beautiful homes. A helping hand is also extended all good roads movements and with the present officers and large membership, all of whom are "boosters" for a city of twenty thousand population in 1915, there is assured a vast improvement along every line looking to a bigger and greater Chillicothe. The present officers are: W. H. Ellett, president; T. D. Jones, vice president; Lee Clark, vice president; Chas. E. McWilliams, secretary; Joseph Wallbrunn, treasurer. Directors: W. H. Ellett, Lee Clark, T. C. Beasley, J. H. Gier, W. A. Eylenburg, P. T. Abell, R. L. Isherwood, R. F. McNally, Wm. Scruby, B. J. Meek, Chris Boehner, J. H. Barclay, John Atwell, C. E. Murphy, O. P. Clark, Jos. Wallbrunn, C. E. McWilliams, Joe Botts, T. D. Jones, R. L. Rawlins, R. L. Williams, C. L. Knapp, W. R. Stepp, and F. S. Hudson.

The Anti-Horse Thief Association, Chillicothe. - This order was originally organized on the 21st of October, 1886, with the following charter members: B. A. Cox, G. G. Brown, H. 0. Meek, W. V. Platter, O. H. Gale, Jesse Wilson, Ben Craycroft, T. B. Anderson, I. T. Evans, T. A. Ryan, W. J. Miller, G. G. Henry, J. T. Johnston, D. R. Jones, M. C. Hill, T. J. Turner, P. E. Minor, C. A. Adams and J. D. Johnston.. On the 26th of January, 1910, the order was reorganized and a new charter granted. The organization has the reputation of bringing many offenders of the law to justice.

Sorosis. - The club was organized in 1900 by the president, Mrs. Jonathan Hawley, who has served in that office each year. The study of art has predominated with the crafts and nature subjects interspersed. The first officers of the club were: Mrs. Jonathan Hawley, president; Mrs. Myron Coad, vice president; Mrs. Frank Davis, secretary; Mrs. W. H. Sipple, critic. The present officers are: Mrs. Jonathan Hawley, president; Mrs. H. D. McHolland, vice president; Miss Veral Reynolds, secretary; Miss Georgia Walsh, treasurer; Miss Helen Schmitz, critic. The club joined the State Federation of Clubs in 1904, and has always been active in city, district and state work.

The Chillicothe Culture Club, one of the oldest women’s study clubs in Missouri, met first as a reading circle when the members took knitting and embroidery and busily worked while listening to the prepared programme. It was formally organized as the Chillicothe Chautauqua Circle in 1890. Eight years later it changed its name to the Chillicothe Culture Club and adopted an elective study course. It is one of the first clubs in the state to be federated, entering the State Federation in 1896 and the General Federation in 1904. The present officers are: president, Mrs. A. R. Coburn; first vice president, Mrs. J. F. Heger; second vice president, Mrs. J. G. Beard; secretary, Miss I'Lee Wells; treasurer, Mrs. John Burch; critic, Mrs. H. B. Hewitt; auditor, Mrs. Andrew Leeper; honorary president, Mrs. Joshua Williams.

P. E. O. - The P. E. 0. Sisterhood, the largest secret society for women not dependent on, or auxiliary to, one organized by men, was organized by seven college girls in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, January 20, 1869. These girls were anxious to have seven chapters, one chapter for each girl, but the P. E. 0. has prospered until not seven but four hundred and fifty-seven chapters and more than ten thousand women wear the star. Chapter T, P. E. 0., was organized in Chillicothe May 25, 1901, at the home of Mrs. Halsey I. Spence, by Mrs. Dora Hallock of Monroe City with eight charter members: Mesdames T. Milbank, Charles A. Loomis, T. C. Campbell, Mary Milbank Fulkerson, Decimund Minor Sulzbacher, S. R. Wales, Halsey I. Spence and Miss Minnie Nesmith, Mrs. John T. Milbank being president. The present officers are: Mrs. Don Palmer, president; Miss Alice Grace, vice president; Mrs. Hugh Mansur, recording secretary; Mrs. Will Keith, corresponding secretary; Miss Bebe Sheetz, treasurer; Miss Clara Elting, chaplain; Mrs. Ed Moss, guard; Mrs. A. R. Coburn, pianist; Mrs. John T. Milbank, critic. This chapter contributes to the P. E. 0. Educational Fund annually, thus assisting many deserving girls in all parts of the United States to an education they would not otherwise obtain.

The XIX Club, of Chillicothe, was organized in 1893 at the home of Mrs. Reuben Barney, Jr., with twelve charter members. This was the first literary club organized in Chillicothe and began the study of English literature. The members are now taking their third course in English. The club has a membership of thirty. Mrs. P. W. Hartman is president of the club.

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