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Past and Present of Livingston County
Volume 1. History

by Major A. J. Roof. 1913

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The present county officials of Livingston county follows:

Presiding judge, F. K. Thompson.

Judge, Eastern District, John A. Yeomans.

Judge, Western District, Lawrence Bonderer.

County Clerk, A. M. Shelton.

Deputy County Clerk, A. M. Johnston.

Deputy County Clerk, S. H. Marr.

Recorder, Harry Gilbert.

Assít Recorder, Clyta Anderson

Circuit Clerk, Drew P. Tye.

Deputy Circuit Clerk Bessie Abshire.

Probate Judge, J. E. Pardonner.

Treasurer, G. A. McBride.

Deputy Treasurer, Katharine Leaver.

Coroner, Dr. Wm. M. Girdner.

Surveyor, L. O. Gibson.

Public Administrator, James Littrell.

School Commissioner, J. W. McCormick

Sheriff, William Nothnagle

Deputy Sheriff, Joshua Walker.

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