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Past and Present of Livingston County
Volume 1. History

by Major A. J. Roof. 1913

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This company of the National Guard of Missouri was organized by George Cranmer, who was made captain on the day of mustering in. The company was mustered into service November 12, 1912, by Major Paul C. Hunt, Assistant Adjutant General of the Missouri National Guard. The company is fully equipped for active service, the arms and accoutrements all being of the latest government pattern. Following are the names of the commissioned and non-commissioned officers and privates of the company:

George A. Cranmer, captain.

Wm. B. Fanning, first lieutenant.

J. Herbert Fanning, second lieutenant.

Roy A. Gardner, first sergeant.

Henry R. Kilburn, quarter master sergeant.

Harry F. Rickett, first duty sergeant.

Williard R. Goodson, second duty sergeant.

Don F. Runkle, third duty sergeant.

William E. Wilson, fourth duty sergeant.

Ross Diehl, corporal.

Elmer Waltz, corporal.

Jewell A. Wimmer, corporal.

Thos. W. Hooten, corporal.

Aaron L. Alnutt, corporal.

Frank Millay, corporal.

Edward J. Austin, musician.

Earl J. Meeker, musician.

George W. Ammon, cook.

Everett Clinkenbeard, cook.


JamesW. Akers, William Adcox, Jas. G. B. Atwell, Whack Beal, Arthur W. Bingham, Alvin R. Broyles, James G. Bowen, Archie Clark, Wm. S. Cranmer, Cecil G. Dawkins, John M. Dawkins, Robert S. Donoho, Robert L. Drake, Wm. J. Fanger, George W. Fifer, Virgil E. Gay, Minor E Gay, Elza Gardner, Frank Griffin, Henry A. Haley, Walter Hooten, Howard R. Hughson, James W. Hicks, Roy R. Jackson, Samuel R. Lauderback, Elvin L. Loyd, Samuel B. Mace, Cecil C. Mills, Joseph S. Mooney, Roy E. Prewitt, Lewis F. Pringle, Wm. J. Reilly, James E. Ruddy, Emanuel Sayers, Wm. H. Scarlett, Theodore Sinnard, Benj, H. Singleton, Ellis Scott, Francis M. Utely, John P. Waltz, Orville Ware, Noland O. Wooden.

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