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Past and Present of Livingston County
Volume 1. History

by Major A. J. Roof. 1913

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Practically all these men, composing Company K of the Fourth Regiment Provisional Missouri Militia and who saw active service during the Civil War, are well known in Livingston county. The roll of these brave men will be read with interest by those who survive and by members of their families. Only a few of them are now living. The company was mustered out of service March 11, 1865, with Capt. Robert S. Moore commanding and Lemuel Hargrave first lieutenant:

William Barnes, captain.

Andrew J. Swain, first lieutenant.

David Gibbs, second lieutenant.

John DeSha, first sergeant.

David Stone, second sergeant.

Tohn Ziefie, third sergeant.

L. B. Coburn, fourth sergeant.

Anthony Rogers, fifth sergeant.

Elias Smith, first corporal.

Lester Lewis, second corporal.

Joseph Baxter, third corporal.

L. D. Grooms, fourth corporal.

James N. Gibbs, fifth corporal.

Dan P. Mayberry, sixth corporal.

James B. Pond, seventh corporal.


Willard Allen, Mathias Baltis, Gabriel G. Brown, Ruben Brigman, James J. Brassfield, Valentine Briggle, John M. Bowen, Jacob A. Bowen, Walter Burnsides, John C. Barnes, Andrew J. Boon, Henry Carter, William T. Crow, Richard Colliver, John T. Carnes, John P. Caddell, Jackson Decker, Samuel J. Dewey, Thomas J. Garr, William Grooms, Robert Harrison, Horatio Hollowell, Lemuel Hargrave, John T Hargrave, William Haywood, William Hughes, Thomas Jarbo, Francis M. James, Erastus Kirtley, Francis M. Kincade, Geor e M. Kincade, Joseph Lewis, Chrisman Lewis, Thomas J. Melleon, William Mitchael, Henry Manning, William Morris, Roberson Mayberry, Levi Moore, John Y Moss, Arthur Mosely, William Mathis, Andrew C. Moss, George Ogden, Benjamin Peck, James Pettit, John Percell, Ignatius 1. Riggs, Aaron Rankin, John J. Reeder, Richard T. Russell, Ashford Stone, David Stone, Frederick Sherman, George Smith, Joseph Steepley, Harrison Smith, John W. Shook, John W. Veitch, jasper White, James W. Webster William Wood, Charles L. White.

In addition to the names given above, in a general way it may be said that parts of the Seventh, Eighteenth, Twenty-third, Twenty-seventh and Twenty-ninth Infantry Volunteers, together with small portions of the Missouri Militia, and parts of the Thirtieth and Sixty-fifth Enrolled Missouri Militia, as well as Captain Boucher's company and part of Daniel Hoover's company of Volunteer Missouri Militia were raised in Livingston county. Beyond this general information the Adjutant General of the State of Missouri, with the small force of clerks at his command is unable to make a more exhaustive search of the records.

The total number of regiments, battalions and companies furnished by the state of Missouri for the preservation of the Union follows:

Missouri Volunteer Infantry, First to Fifty-first Regiments, 1861-1865

Missouri Volunteer Artillery, First and Second Regiments, 1861-1865

Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, First to Sixteenth Regiments, 1861-1865

Missouri Volunteer Engineers, First and Bessel's Regiments (consolidated).

Three Months Missouri Militia or Missouri Volunteers) 1861 - 5 regiments, 1 battalion, 1 company.

Home Guards, 1861 - 6 regiments, 22 battalions, 49 independent companies.

United States Reserve Corps, three months, 1861 - 5 regiments, 1 company.

United States Reserve Corps, three years, 1861 to 1862 - 6 regiments, 4 battalions, 2 companies.

Six Months Missouri Militia, 1861 - 1862 - 5 regiments, 11 battalions, 10 companies.

Missouri State Militia, (M. S. M. Cav., Infty., etc., ), 1861-1865 - 15 regiments, 3 battalions, 3 companies.

Enrolled Missouri Militia, 1862-1865 - 89 regiments, 11 battalions, 10 companies.

Provisional Enrolled Missouri Militia, 1863-1864, 11 regiments, 1 company.

Provisional Companies of Enrolled Missouri Militia under G. 0. No. 107, 1864 - 62 companies.

Citizens Guards (irregular organizations), 1863-1864.

Missouri Militia under G. 0. No. 3, 1865 - 61 companies.

Missouri Militia, 1865 - 84 regiments, and battalions and companies.

Irregular organizations not above classified.

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